Virtual Town Hall: Preventing the effects of loneliness and social isolation for older persons with Dr. Kiran Rabheru. Watch here.
CTV News Segment: Improving standards at care homes with ILC President Margaret Gillis. Watch here.
The Dementia Dialogue Podcast. June 8, 2020

This Dementia Dialogue episode outlines the connection between human rights and dementia, with particular attention to the impact of COVID-19 on long term care. Mario is a dementia activist who is a co-creator of a Canadian Charter of Rights for Canadians with Dementia for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Laura Tamblyn-Watts of CanAge is a lawyer and leading advocate for older people and Margaret Gillis is the President of the International Longevity Centre, Canada and is working to have Canada adopt the UN Convention on the Rights of Older Persons. Each gives their own advice on what listeners can do to promote human rights for people with dementia.

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CBC Radio Interview on Long Term Care and COVID-19. May 28, 2020

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CBC Radio Maritime Noon with Bob Murphy. April 23, 2020

Ron Snow on 1310 News (interview starts at 34:10 mark), April 21, 2020

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CBC a National Radio “The House” with Chris Hall April 18, 2020

The high number of COVID-19 deaths among residents of long-term care homes points to the urgent need to reform Canada's seniors' care system, says an advocate for the human rights of seniors. Margaret Gillis, president of the International Longevity Centre-Canada, said the lack of uniform standards for seniors' care at the federal level leaves older Canadians vulnerable to both elder abuse and tragedies like the COVID-19 pandemic.



CTV National Interview and print report Michele Bruno reporting April 16, 2020

"There is a lot of lumping together of older people like it's nothing in terms of the statistics," adds Margaret, who is also president of the International Longevity Centre Canada, an organization dedicated to the needs and rights of older people. "These are people who are loved, who have lots of life left to live and lots of things left to do and their lives are important too." She says the COVID pandemic has "really laid bare a lot of ageism and treatment of older people."



640 Toronto Morning Show Mike and Supriya : Guest Margaret Gillis, President ILC Canada April 15, 2020

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“Human Rights don’t have a best before date”: Covid 19 lays bare ageism. April 13, 2020

We need not look any further than the horror story unfolding in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Canada and around the world. We have known from the get-go that people in institutional care were among the most vulnerable to a pandemic. Yet little was done to protect them.




“We know that United Nations Conventions work.". July 14, 2019

ILC Presidents Margaret Gillis (Canada) and Rosy Pereyra (Dominican Republic) on Ageism and the need for a United Nations Convention on true Rights of Older Persons. “A convention does many things. It allows advocates to track progress and hold governments accountable for transgressions and inaction. It clarifies the responsibilities of governments, establishes laws and policies, and calls for data collection and regular reporting. And a convention will encourage older persons themselves to speak openly.”



Dementia Friends. June 5, 2015

On June 5th, the Government of Canada and the Alzheimer Society of Canada announced the launch of Dementia Friends Canada, a program seeking to help understand the effects and dispel the myths associated with people suffering from dementia in order to reduce the stigma associated with having dementia. Based off similar successful programs from the United Kingdom and Japan, Dementia Friends has set a goal of 1 million registrants by Spring 2017.



New Longevity Centre to be Hosted at uOttawa. March 3, 2015

The University of Ottawa has announced it will house the first and only International Longevity Centre of Canada through the Faculty of Health Sciences and join the International Longevity Centre (ILC) Global Alliance.


ILC Canada at Age Boom

ILC Canada Research Director Dr. Louise Plouffe spoke at the Age Boom Academy at Columbia University. In conjunction with the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center, Age Boom was centred on dramatic demographic shifts around the world and the myths that accompany them. Her talk was centred on the myth that cities are for young people only, and related it to Age Friendly Cities protocol which she helped pioneer. Other speakers for the event included Ruth Finkelstein and Ursula Staudinger of the Columbia Aging Center, Linda Fried of the Mailman School of Public Health, John Beard from the World Health Organization and Maurizio Bussolo of The World Bank.

International Longevity Centre Canada Launch

The International Longevity Centre (ILC) Canada official launch was held May 27th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Huguette Labelle Hall on the University of Ottawa campus. Speakers included The Honourable Minister of the State (Seniors) Alice Wong, President of the University of Ottawa Allan Rock, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Hélène Perrault, President of the International Longevity Centre Canada Margaret Gillis and Vice-President of the International Longevity Centre Canada Gloria Gutman.


Mrs. Gillis served as host for the event, giving a brief introduction on the history of the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance and the need for an International Longevity Centre in Canada.


President and Vice-Chancellor Allan Rock spoke of the major initiatives within the university before introducing Minister Alice Wong.

Minister Wong discussed past and future government programs centred on improving the lives of older people in Canada.


Dean Hélène Perrault gave a speech on the role the University of Ottawa will play in academic research for the study of gerontology and longevity.


Dr. Gutman presented on the changing demographics of both Canada and the world with a focus on the rise of centenarians and supercentenarians.


President Margaret Gillis Speaks to United Nations

ILC Canada President Margaret Gillis speaks in front of the United Nations General Assembly discussions on Sustainable Development Goals. In a 2 minute presentation on behalf of both the Stakeholder Group on Ageing and the ILC Global Alliance, Mrs. Gillis discusses the omission in indicator work and data collection as it pertain to old people.




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